Stage Lighting & LED Screen Rental in Melbourne

As Melbourne’s most trusted live event lighting AV Production company, you can be confident that the fixtures and equipment you hire from us will be reliable, professional standard and flexible for a range of applications.

Why rent your lighting or screen from us?

We genuinely understand that YOU are relying on us to supply YOU and YOUR client with the best rental experience.

Our experienced team will ensure that your hired equipment is correctly prepped, tested and ready to perform perfectly for YOUR business.

We understand that our lighting fixtures, LED Screens, hazers or even truss are there to deliver YOUR clients the result they’ve asked YOU to deliver.

Whether you need a couple of fixtures to make up the quantity you need for your concert rig or full production hire, we have all the lights, LED screen, stands, accessories and truss you’ll require.

We also have the experience  necessary to suggest anything you may not have considered, like power or data requirements.

I’m an Event Planner, I’m not quite sure exactly what I need…

That’s our job to help you work that out.  For example, if you want to hire a 50m string of festoon for a week, we can organise that.  However if you need a total event hire solution for that festoon, a rental solution that includes power cabling, pipes, the right quantity of ballast (rigging), equipment transport and the professionally attired crew to set it up.

Simple! We can help you out, and we’re easily located on email or phone to chat or you can make an appointment to meet with our team in Cheltenham (only a 30 minute drive from Melbourne CBD).

Our Hire Stock includes…

Lighting Hire

  • Theatrical stage lighting, atmospheric and disco effects, moving lights, wash and strobe fixtures (professional standard).
  • Battery, incandescent, LED, wireless lighting fixtures and dimming solutions.
  • Outdoor IP rated flood lights, stage effects, powerful wash fixtures, rain covers & festoon string lighting (commercial quality).
  • Control Consoles, Media Servers, Data Distribution.
  • Festoon strings (also known as party lights, festoon cable) (commercial quality), with a variety of bulb options including outdoor rated warm white polycarbonate (not glass) globes.
  • Mirror/Disco balls & motors in multiple sizes (including a gigantic 120cm one!).
  • Control Consoles, Media Servers, Data Distribution.
  • Hazers, Smoke Machines & fans.

Rigging & Truss Hire

  • Eurotruss
  • 5-Chord Truss (black box truss with a centre rail often used for hanging LED screen)
  • CLS Tri-truss (black)
  • CLS 300mm Box Truss (silver)
  • Lycra Truss Socks (black & white)
  • Aus Standard rated scaffold couplers, screw jacks & scaffolding

Ballast Hire

  • Concrete ballast blocks 500kg (1/2 tonne).
  • Concrete ballast blocks 500kg (1/2 tonne).
  • Concrete ballast block black PVC covers.
  • Steel Ingot 1 metre sticks (12.5 kg) to fit inside truss.
  • Steel Ingot 1 metre sticks (30kg) to fit inside truss.
  • Orange safety stackable fence weights (28kg).
  • Custom manufactured ground support base for truss/LED Screen/custom rigging applications (350 kg).

Custom Manufacturing Hire

  • Kinetic Winches (Luxe-Motion system) that can carry LED Spheres or Tubes to create 3 dimensional scenes.
  • Truss Arches (engineering supplied where required)
  • Custom made fixtures; including carbon filament pendants and warehouse sized industrial chandeliers.
  • Custom manufactured ground support base for truss/LED Screen/custom rigging applications (350 kg).

Site (Back of House) Support

  • Site Power; single phase, 3 phase options, power lock and cable trays.
  • Ground Support systems, stage truss, pipe, floor stands, push ups, ballast and rigging equipment (load rated & Australian standards).
  • Data Distribution Hire.
  • Control Consoles, Media Servers, Data Distribution.
  • Black Theatre Drape.
  • Entertainment hoists; also known as Chain Motors.







We are passionate about event lighting and production management and are driven by the challenge to create something spectacular that no one else has done.